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Better a good dinner than a fine coat. French Proverb Indeed. I would say that that, as much as anything sums up my food philosophy. The world just looks better after a good meal. By good I don’t necessarily mean fancy – though sometimes fancy is called for. What I do mean is real food, thoughtfully prepared, using fresh, mostly local ingredients, and not what Michael Pollan calls “edible food-like substances.” Which is to say the majority of processed junk you find in the typical grocery store. I worked for a number of years in restaurants – as a waitress, prep-cook, and caterer but in no way am I a chef. I’m a good cook though more than that I am a feeder. I enjoy feeding people, enjoy seeing them enjoy their food. That’s the real secret ingredient of all good food: joy. The pleasure that comes from the selection, preparation, and sharing of food. Currently, I work in an office at a university in upstate New York. I enjoy that too, like working with students, and it has the added bonus of supporting my writing and cooking habits. At Better a Good Dinner I hope to explore new dishes, revisit old favorites, write about writing and literature, and go off on the occasional rant. I hope you’ll join me for dinner.

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